A deep dive into the future with Exponential View's Azeem Azhar

Azeem Azhar has had a rich career as a journalist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, analyst, consultant, but now bills himself as an 'independent academic'.

These days, he's perhaps best known for Exponential View, which offers weekly deep dives on AI and breakthrough technologies to a vast audience of investors, C-suite execs and global leaders who like to be challenged on thinking about the future.

More than a newsletter, Exponential View has become a platform and community for those who are keen to learn about the exponential technologies that are shaping tomorrow.

We caught up with Azeem on the sidelines of the recent DLD Conference in Munich, where he delivered a fast-paced talk on how to better understand the past, present and future of the digital transformation.

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A deep dive into the future with Exponential View's Azeem Azhar
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